Pure Sativa Strains

Is It Possible to Find 100% Pure Sativa Strains?

Cannabis Sativa L., or sativa, is one of two principal species in the Cannabis family. You may be asking if there are any pure sativa strains remaining after many years of breeding the strains together to achieve the highest flavor, effects, scent, and strength.

Before reading this article, you might want to learn a little about the differences between Sativa and Indica in cannabis strains. If you are already well versed in this topic, I can only hope that you will enjoy reading the article.

The Differences Between Plants

The sativa strain differs greatly from the indica strain in every way, from look to growing style. A sativa plant often has bigger leaves and is taller than an indica plant. Sativa plants are less bushy than indica plants. It also provides a high that can stimulate your mind and help you stay focused, whilst indica strains help you feel more calm.

It is uncertain how long cannabis has been grown in its current form, although evidence suggests that humans utilized it thousands of years ago. Cannabis’s roots have been traced back to southern and central Asia. It has also been discovered in Mongolia and China. Despite growing at several latitudes across the world, the varieties began to evolve differently.

The purity of strains

You’ve probably seen a variety of indica, hybrid, and sativa strains on exhibit at a dispensary. You may have heard about the effects that certain varieties of cannabis may provide. You may have heard that pure indicas may help you sleep and that sativas can provide you with a mental high and clarity. Many sativas strains are similar to pure sativa strains, but if you trace their genealogy, you may discover that they are a hybrid. Many times, the pure traits have been bred away in order to get the desired potency.

Sativa in its purest form

Sativa strains are typically sought after by those seeking an uplifting and energetic high. The good news is that there are still pure sativa strains available. However, finding pure instances of this species is becoming increasingly difficult. Here are a few pure sativa samples.

The Jack Herer Strain

This strain has been around for a long time and is popular both among smokers and growers. Jack Herer has long, thin leaves and icy, thick buds with lots of resin on them. Growing this strain may be more difficult than growing other plants. It wants to grow enormous, and the grower must be patient while the plant is blossoming.

The Purple Power Strain

This pure sativa strain is one of the pure sativa strains which possesses the characteristics of the purest strains. It can grow in moist and chilly locations and produce a large amount of cannabis, with more than 1,000 grams from each plant under the correct conditions. Purple Power has a strong buzz that might make you feel sociable and inspired to accomplish something creative.

The Durban Poison Strain

The Durban Poison sativa strain produces an useful and uplifting high, comparable to Thai cannabis. It may make you want to mingle and make you laugh. It might be a fantastic strain to share with your friends during get-togethers or parties. Although there are other hybrid varieties of this cannabis strain, the primary one is inbred and has not been crossed. It is a tall, lanky shrub with dark brown or purple pistils. It has a distinct licorice flavor. The plant produces a lot because the buds are so lengthy and hefty, making it a favorite among growers.

The G13 Haze Strain

This is one of the most potent marijuana strains available include one the strongest pure sativa strains. The G13 Haze strain was created by crossing different Dutch strains and has a high potency. It has a sweet and fresh scent and a smooth, pleasant smoke. If you are novice to cannabis, you should avoid this strain because it has a powerful high.

The Colombian Gold Strain

This sativa strain hails from the highlands of north Columbia. It was widely utilized in the United States throughout the 1960s, but it is becoming increasingly scarce. Some cannabis historians are unclear whether fully pure original genotype seeds still exist. It is, nevertheless, still utilized to make other strains, such as Skunk #1. Columbia Gold has THC levels ranging from 14 to 20%.

You may be unfamiliar with the cured buds from such a strain if you are used to utilizing professionally cultivated indica or hybrid strains. The blooms are tiny to medium in size, loose and leafy. Their blossoms are ragged, and their leaves are light green. The buds are long and tapered, and they may be quite sticky due to the trichomes that cover both the inner and exterior surfaces. This gives them a golden appearance.

The Panama Red Strain

This pure sativa strain originally gained popularity in the 1960s and was widely utilized into the 1990s. Panama Red is a low-THC marijuana strain from Panama. Despite its somewhat extended flowering time, it remains a favorite among many gardeners due to its ability to grow well both indoors and outdoors.

It has the potential to provide a cerebral and tranquil high that is both joyful and energizing. This traditional sativa may also have calming benefits on the body more than other pure sativa strains. Many people claim to be more creative after using this strain. It, like most other cannabis strains, may induce dry mouth and eyes.

During the day, Panama Red is a wonderful alternative, and some individuals take it to attempt to treat sadness, tension, or worry. It provides a small body high that may aid with minor aches and pains. Some individuals feel it might assist with eating problems such as anorexia. Others say it may alleviate inflammation and nausea.

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