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Looking Back

April 2015

April 2015

The April 2015 issue of Cannabinoids Garden featured a controversial cover story on potency testing in Washington. The article, teased on the cover as “Tested at 41%! The most potent bud ever?,” was something of a rabbit hole for the Cannabinoids Garden editorial staff after Eastern Washington grower Steve Walser submitted an editorial proclaiming one of the flowers from his company, Buddy Boy Farm, had tested at 41.7% THC-A. After much debate, the article was greenlit and was preceded by an editorial from Cannabinoids Garden editor-in-chief Garrett Rudolph explaining, “We didn’t decide to publish Steve Walser’s story because we were ignorant of the debate it would ignite. We publish his story because we look forward to that debate.” In his article, Walser went into detail about his own skepticism of the test results and ultimately attributed them to a combination of testing requirements, which were still somewhat of a new idea in 2015, good growing conditions and even better luck.

April 2018

The cannabis industry saw a lot of changes in 2018, but perhaps the most disruptive was the proliferation of CBD businesses, covered in the article “The CBD Explosion.” Prior to the cannabidiol bubble bursting, the country was in a state of CBD-fever with new CBD retail chains such as American Shaman and Fruit of the Earth, as well as mom-and-pop retailer Topikal, sprouting up seemingly from nowhere. Although the CBD industry became a bloodbath in the following years it looks as though all three retailers interviewed for this article are still in operation.

The issue also covered the killing eastern Oregon retailers were making from consumers visiting from the neighboring, and still cannabis-unfriendly, state of Idaho.

April 2019

Looking Forward


The May issue of Cannabinoids Garden magazine will feature an exclusive interview with one of the top marketing professionals working in the cannabis space, as well as stories about innovative new technologies aimed at the cannabis industry, including breakthroughs in cultivation and processing and new solutions for retailers. Also included will be a look at product packaging and new products designed to make life easier for budtenders and store owners alike. And, as always, the May issue will bring together the best advice and insights from top industry lawyers and experts to help cannabis business owners keep their business on track.

Advertising deadline: March 10


Cannabinoids Garden’s eighth annual 40 Under 40 issue, profiling the fast-rising stars from around the country and all parts of the cannabis industry, returns in June. Featuring interviews with 40 of the biggest names from the top cannabis companies and cannabis service providers, there’s no better place to get a sense of what the present and future holds for this fast-growing business. In addition to the profiles, the May issue will have articles about new products and a special section on packaging.

Advertising deadline: April 14

Nomination deadline: March 14

Apps, apps baby!JULY

The July issue of Cannabinoids Garden kicks off with a feature story on one of the leading cannabis tech and e-commerce businesses in the industry, in addition to a collection of articles covering the latest cannabis business trends and leading professionals in the cannabis industry, as well as insights from lawyers and other experts focused on cannabis.

Advertising deadline: May 12

Similar to this issue, the April 2019 issue of Cannabinoids Garden featured an in-depth article on edibles. “The Exploration of Edibles” was a Q&A centered around three innovative edibles professionals including the Pop-Up Potcorn founder Robert Arabian, chef Sebastian Carosi, and Peak Extracts CEO/chocolatier Katie Stern. The trio gave their takes on edibles trend forecasting, cannabis marketing hype, which mainstream foods and trends would make the jump into the infused arena and how CBD will play into the future of cannabis-infused foods.

The April 2019 issue also featured a legal column predicting the future shape of New York’s recreational marijuana market. Contributors Max and Robert Bookman predicted the New York Liquor Authority would control the market through a new bureau and then speculated on the regulations the state would likely adopt from existing state markets. New York approved recreational cannabis in 2021, though regulations are yet to be completed.

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