Mango and Weed

Mango and weed: Does it truly improve your high?

Stoners have long been informed that eating a mango can boost the strength of their THC high. Unlike some other completely bogus stoner myths (please don’t swallow bong water), this one (the mango and weed) has some logic behind it.

The research

Myrcene, a prevalent terpene noted for its peppery, hoppy aroma and flavor, is found in both mango and weed. Cannabis strains strong in myrcene have been described in popular culture to elicit “couch lock,” or drowsiness. Although there is no clinical data to support these claims, one research published in the journal Phytomedicine in 2002 found that at very high dosages, myrcene may have a sedative effect in rats. The study indicated that high levels of myrcene may sedate and limit mobility in animals.

While myrcene will not make you high on its own, high levels of myrcene are frequently related with the sensation of fast-acting and intense highs. According to research published in the journal Nutraceuticals in 2016, this sensation may be caused by the myrcene terpene, which plays a critical function in aiding the transit of cannabis into your brain. Furthermore, myrcene has been associated to increased transdermal absorption, potentially offering up another route to increased cannabis uptake.

White Widow, Skunk XL, and Special Kush 1 are all cannabis strains that have high quantities of myrcene, which is found in a wide range of cannabis cultivars. Cannabis strains rich in myrcene may have a reputation for providing more than normal relaxation, or perhaps a sedative effect, however scientific research has yet to back up these assertions.

Bottom line: Myrcene-rich strains are said to be more sedating and calming than low-myrcene strains. So doubling down on mangos during your next smoking sesh might result in a more potent, soothing impact.

The investigation

I’m no scientist, but I decided to put this hypothesis to the test on myself with mango and weed. So, on a typical weekday, I stopped by my local dispensary and grocery store to gather the supplies for my experiment. I couldn’t simply test how much myrcene my mangos contained because I didn’t have my own Rick and Morty garage. But they were enormous and ripe, so I figured that would suffice.

I bought a pack of Wyld’s Strawberry 20:1 CBD:THC gummies at the dispensary. My tolerance is quite low these days, so one to two of these 1mg THC candies will usually leave me feeling mellowed but not stoned. I’ve gone through several boxes of these gummies and the barely-there high has been consistent. I reasoned that if I started with a tiny but detectable amount, I’d have to ascribe a true high to mango’s boosting qualities. If I eat a lot of mango with a higher dose, I can become too high or think I’m stretching my regular weeknight boundaries.

Bottom line: It would be a mild, 2mg THC edible and a full mango.

First results: I don’t believe this is going to work.

So, did I go insane after eating a bunch of mango with my favorite edibles?

I ate my full mango and cannabis gummy for dessert after having a substantial spaghetti supper (this detail will be key). I anticipated that the cannabinoids in the consumable would be absorbed at the same time as the terpenes in the mango, resulting in a double whammy of calm. In preparation for this, I sat in front of the first season of Legendary and waited for a wave of Zen to wash over me.

Nothing happened after one episode. Nothing happened after two episodes. I was genuinely starting to feel inspired by the third hour-long program, like if I could clear out my closet or something. I didn’t even get a glimmer of the tranquility I usually receive when I eat these candies without the mango. What’s going on?

I was settling in for bed hours after eating my delicious concoction, convinced that the results were conclusive: mangos don’t do anything for your high. But it would take an unintentional combination for me to reconsider that original decision.

Second results: I’m certainly high.

I considered repeating my first experiment but changing the strategy. I would eat two or three entire mangos and begin my experiment early in the day to see if the benefits simply took a little longer to manifest. Maybe I’ll smoke half a joint without mango and the rest I will mix mango and weed later to see if there are any changes. I could experiment with several factors to see which ones influenced my experience.

I mistakenly started another test a few days after my first one when I made a huge mango smoothie to get myself out of an afternoon slump. I also took a full dropper of this full-spectrum hemp extract I’ve been enjoying recently, partly because I already had a chaser in hand. With lunch behind me and dinner still a few hours away, I felt my smoothie would be just the thing to get me through the rest of the day.

I was feeling…different an hour later. After taking this CBD tincture, I felt much more calm than usual, and the tiny set decorations of my regular life — from the hummingbirds in the front-yard fountain to my dog’s quiet sleeping — were all the more enjoyable. In a nutshell, I was high.

It was perplexing because I generally take very large amounts of CBD (50-100mg) without blinking because CBD is not intoxicating. However, there are tiny quantities of THC in a full-spectrum CBD tincture. My assumption is that a big dose, an empty stomach, and three cups of mango amplified those small levels of THC into something detectable.

The Conclusion

Obviously, everyone’s experience may differ, but I was astonished by how much a full stomach can change my edible high. Mango or no mango, it was a nice reminder that marijuana consumption is an ongoing discussion. I can get my regimen down just to have my tolerance fluctuate slightly or my high aggravate an already bad mood. Understanding all the ways I can alter that high feels like I’m leveling up; knowing my optimal dose was the first step to getting the perfect high. Fortunately for me, a slight high from a mango and weed combination is now part of my continuing equation.

So you have finished the article. Go eat a mango and smoke your favorite weed!

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